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Cellular Shades

Curtains Etc. carries a complete line Graber Cellular Shades. Available in 3 cell sizes as well as a wide range of colors from soft neutrals to bold colors; most are backed by white for a uniform exterior appearance.

Sale Pricing Example

Typical Window 36" x 72"
With Graber Garden Retreat
Single Cell Shade

Retail Price $252.00

Now on Sale for $189.00

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Features Include:

Energy Saving
Boost the energy efficiency of your home. An attractive honeycomb design creates pockets of air that insulate windows from heat and cold to lower your energy bills year round.
Variety of Light Control Options
Semi-Opaque Shade Fabrics provide minimal privacy while delivering dramatic incoming light.
Opaque Shade Fabrics provide more privacy than semi-opaque with even less definition of images through shades.
Blackout Shade Fabrics provide maximum privacy and light control without any images visible through closed shades.

Single Cell and Double Cell

These accordian-style shades are very compact and light weight and come in soft textured, woven and non-woven fabrics sandwiched together to create cross sectional honeycomb shapes that trap air for maximum energy efficiency and sound reduction.
Cell sizes include 3/8" double and single cell, and 3/4" single cell.


Rich, vibrant colors, soft neutrals, prints, and textured fabrics.
Cordless option to effortlessly operate the shade by pushing or pulling the bottom rail by hand. Cordless blinds are the safest window covering alternative; ideal for homes with children and pets.
Easy Up® XL is a Continuous Loop Lift System offered as an option to take the place of the standard hanging cord system. It is designed to enhance shade appearance and performance, and is especially useful on large, heavy shades. The continuous cord loop never changes length, even when the shade is raised, which eliminates excess cording on the floor.
Bottom Up/Top Down option has a double cord control so you can open it by lowering it from the top or raising it from the bottom. It lets you maintain privacy or screen an unwanted view while enjoying natural light. Great for bedrooms or bathrooms.
Transferable Limited Lifetime Warranty.
Custom window sizing.