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Cellular Shades from Comfortex

Curtains Etc. carries a complete line Comfortex Cellular Shades. Comfortex Cellular Shades have a clean classic appearance that look great alone or combined with top treatments or drapes. Available in single or double honeycomb construction, their streamlined appearance is highly insulating.

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Comfortex Cellular Shades:

Symphony Cellular Shades

Symphony Cellular Shades feature a patented double honeycomb design that provides the ultimate in energy efficient insulation for your home, while the elegant 3/8" pleat offers a clean, classic look. Symphony Cellular Shades also block 99% of damaging UV rays.

Acoustic's® Cellular Shades

Acoustic's distinctive fabric offers the same energy efficient insulating and light filtering benefits as Symphony, but with a textural twist.

The softness of Acoustics makes for rich window accents in contemporary, touchable colors.

Baritone™ Cellular Shades

Baritone provides a sophisticated look for today's larger windows. The larger 3/4" single cells easily accomodate rectangular windows as well as a number of specialty applications.

Available in light filtering and full blackout fabrics, Baritone gives you a complete range of options to meet the needs of every room in your home.

Matinee™ Cellular Shades

Ideal for bedrooms and rooms with televisions or home theaters, Matinee darkens the room while creating a warm diffusion of color and light.

Matinee offers full privacy when completely drawn and provides the same "Energy Smart" insulation and UV blockage as other Signature Double Honeycomb Shades.

Virtuoso® Cellular Shades

An attractive alternative to double honeycomb fabrics, Virtuoso combines quality light diffusion, energy efficiency and UV protection in an elegant 1/2-inch cell.

Perfect for covering larger windows.

Metro™ Cellular Shades

Metro is a commercial grade, flame resistant fabric ideal for public buildings, health care facilities, schools and offices.

The double honeycomb design offers "Energy Smart" insulation, soft light diffusion and easy maintenance.

Cellular Specialty Shades

Cellular Specialty Designs are custom made and offer the same grace and same good looks as all Comfortex cellular shades.

Round, octagon, arches or trapezoids, no matter what shape your window, there is a cellular shade to fit it perfectly.

Ovation Cellular Slider Vertical Shades

Comfortex Cellular Slider Shades are available with Baritone single honeycomb or Symphony double honeycomb cellular fabrics for a variety of energy efficient color choices.

These sliding window treatments are ideal for over doors, wide windows and room dividers. With a variety of stacking options and a sleek valance, Ovation Cellular Slider Vertical Shades can work in any room!